Car insurance for learner drivers

Learning to drive is a major step in everybody's life. Becoming a driver means independency, and the freedom to go anywhere anytime. Learner and young drivers are focused on acquiring theur first car, either by buying a cheap one or as a gift of their relatives. And in most cases, the car they want is an old one but very popular with large engine and use a lot of fuel. The next step is to get covered for all kind of risks. Although car insurance for learner drivers is on their mind, it's more a concept than a real and very important aspect of their "new" life. Roughly speaking, "let's get the car first, the rest is standard paperwork".

This is a common mistake that young drivers make. Indeed, learner and young drivers are considered as higher risk drivers by insurance companies (less experience = more danger). And risk drivers means expensive insurance. Hence, if you go for a popular large engine car, and you hope to get a cheap insurance, you will be faced to finding the right balance between your dream (the car) and the reality (car insurance). Idealy, the top cars that lower your premiums are the small European and Japanese cars.

Therefore getting the chepeast car insurance for learner drivers will soon turn out to be a difficult task if you don't select the right companies to quote.
Fortunately, there are simple ways to reduce your insurance policy, and it's all online waiting for you.

Car insurance for learner drivers : quotes

With the advent of internet, insurance companies have put a lot of effort in giving you direct and accurate access to insurance quotes. Not only it gives you a great tool for managing the budget of your project (driving lessons + car + insurance), but it gives you the great opportunity to compare several quotes. No wonder that the concurrence is high and tough.

On your first quotations, you will realize that the quotes are high, too high for car insurance for learner drivers, especially if you are a young men 25, because you belong to a category held responsible for more than 25% of all major driving offences (such as death by dangerous driving), although they represent about 3% of all drivers in the UK.
If you own a car with a large engine, keep in mind that custom enhancements to your car can make it dangerous because unstable. Insurance companies use this factor too to determine their quotes, and in some cases, the difference in quotes may be greater that the cost of the modifications of the car.

So, is there any afordable car insurance for learner and young drivers out there ? Since no one seems to want to cover such drivers, what are the options ? Despite the risk involved when insuring this category of drivers, there are a number of car insurances for learner drivers specialists, and they provide online quotation on their websites.

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